Conflict Resolution Counselling Services

PAR Courses

The PAR program has been developed to assist individuals who have challenges relating to their partners in intimate relationships. PAR is a 12-week program which gives people the opportunity to examine their beliefs about domestic abuse and to learn non-abusive ways of resolving conflict with their partners, and others. It is our hope that at the conclusion of the course participants understand how what we think is connected to how we act; and what characteristics define healthy relationships, resulting in increased rational thinking and effective conflict resolution.

Courses are focused on non-violent approaches to conflict resolution. Participants are encouraged to reflect on and discuss the following 7 approaches to conflict resolution.

1. Stages to a conflict/Stages to a solution

2. Time Out

3. Knowing personal triggers

4. Assertive communication

5. Appropriate expression of emotions

6. Problem solving steps

7. Responding to criticism

Implementing these 7 approaches in your daily life can help you identify and change controlling behaviours. You can also learn how to express feelings without the need to over-power and recognize that non-abuse is supported by a changed view of yourself and others.